Against the Grain

The slow decline of the human body?

Grains contain Phytic Acid, which is a mineral blocker that prevents the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. This is not good. Most of us don’t get enough of these minerals as it is, which are just as important as Vitamins.

This phytic acid is found in the bran of all grains as well as the outer coating of processed seeds and nuts. Regular grain consumption began a measly 10,000 years ago by most estimates. Humans have been thriving for over 200,000 years, 190K of those without the agricultural revolution.

Studies show that human brain function and physical ability peaked just prior to the agricultural revolution as well.

Our skulls are actually smaller now, which is why we have to have our wisdom teeth pulled – we no longer have room for a full set of teeth. Yikes.

Since the dawn of agricultural practices, archeological evidence shows a gradual but steady decline in human strength.

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